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Module Skills  |  Bachelor Product Design 2019

A unique wall lamp for indoor
and outdoor use, made for the magazine Wohnrevue.

The magazine Wohnrevue gave our class the task to design a lamp which could be published in their monthly edition in the year 2020.


For this project everyone received a light bulb and socket, a 3m cable and CHF 30 for material costs. The lamp was to be surprising, aesthetically convincing and of course also functional. Five days were given to design the lamp.

„Once in a Blue Moon“ is a wall lamp for both the interior and exterior. The lamp is exclusively made of 0.5 mm steel sheets. The components consist of three different sized steel bowls and a holder. Every bowl has their own unique pattern which was a deliberate decision based from my knowledge of previous metal experiments.

The inspiration for this lamp came from a handle which I made in an earlier module called „Metal“. With an autogenous welding installation, I made holes into the metal handle which gave it a cheese-like appearance. I chose this method to create my lamp for the Wohnrevue magazine.


Because of the structure and the appearance of the lamp, it is associated to the moon. Three full moons in one month is considered a „Blue Moon“, (referring to the three bowls). „Once in a Blue Moon“ is a saying that is used to describe something which is very rare. That is how my lamp got its name „Once in a Blue Moon“.

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