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Module Digital Fabrication  |  Bachelor Product Design 2020

This glass carafe was designed to encourage people to think about the importance of drinking water.

In interaction with digital tools and the glassblower Thomas Blank, I was able to create a glass carafe for an event by our project partner Steinbeisser. With this project I wan- ted to emphasize the importance of water. In the first world countries we take water for granted, while in other countries there is a shortage of water. An optical illusion in the carafe is supposed to provoke our way of perception and make people think.

My glass carafe consists of two shapes, an outer shape and an inner shape, which are joined together at the bottom with UV glue. The inner shape is supposed to displace the water so that there is less water in the carafe. The illusion is created by the combination of water and the inner hollow body. Only once the water is poured do people realize that there is less water than expected.


After a long process of sketches, samples, and digital drawings on Rhino, I came up with the oval cone shape. The two shapes were divided in half and milled with the CNC milling machine to create the negative form in preparation for the glass blowing. The glass was blown by the glassblower into the wooden molds to get the special cone shape. These were then processed and put together. It was an ela- borate process which led to a wonderful end result.

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