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Self-Study  |  Application Task for Bachelor Product Design HSLU 2019

Pocket Cap is a foldable cap, which can be stored even in a woman's pants pocket.

This product was made for my application to object design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The task was given to design something that protects your personality, privacy or your body.


I decided to design a readymade cap, which could be stored in a woman’s pocket and would protect against the strong sun. For this project I wanted to solve a problem I experienced often. I always forget my cap when I go out in the sun. This is because I rarely take a bag with me and as a result of being without a cap, I get sunstrokes easily. I came up with the idea, to design a cap which could fit into the very small pockets of women’s trousers so I wouldn’t forget my cap anymore. A fold up frisbee was my inspiration on how it should function in the end.


My main intention was to redesign the bill of the cap, which was the biggest problem in reducing the size. The fabric of the cap also had to be reduced to less cotton fabric and more tulle so the cap could be as small as possible.

After some experimenting, I came to the conclusion to replace the cardboard bill with cable ties. Cable ties are very flexible but also strong enough to spring back into their original shape. Through the combination of the sewed form and the tension of the cable ties, the bill will stay in place while being used and can bend into a small disc when being stored away. When you take the cap out of your pocket it pops right up as a functional baseball cap that protects you from the sun.

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