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Chopsticks to-go

Module Digital Fabrication  |  Bachelor Product Design 2020

Divisible chopsticks, which are used on a keychain as travel cutlery.

„Cutlery“ was the topic for this project in which we had to use the 3D printer. The aim was to get to know digital manufacturing better and then to print a model.

Since I love sushi and am interested in Japanese culture, I decided to create compact chopsticks as travel cutlery. As a student, you usually bring your own meal with you and, now due to the corona pandemic, also your own cutlery. I had the idea of converting the chopsticks into a keychain. To limit the length of the chopsticks, I decided to split them in half. These to halves can be screwed together when you want to use them. For hygienic reasons and to prevent you from losing them, the four individual parts are stowed in a container. This container can be attached on a keychain.

With the Rhinoceros 3D program and the 3D printer Zotrax M200 I was able to implement my idea. I could imagine making these Chopsticks To-Go with the container out of stainless steel and bringing them to the Asian market as a functional product.


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