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Self Study  |  Bachelor Product Design 2021

A deceptive stool with a big wow factor.

The Black Barrel project was created during self-study in the summer holidays 2021. At first glance, you think it is a wood holder for by the fireplace. This illusion has an even stronger effect on the true function, being an incredibly comfortable stool.

The stool is made up of three components: wood, metal and synthetic material. The seat consists of 298 beechwood sticks with a diameter of 2 cm, all of which were sanded by hand. The cushion, which is located under the sticks, consists of five layers of natural latex from an old Hüsler Nest mattress and one layer of foam. A 60 l oil barrel, which holds the cushion and the sticks together, was reworked into the current shape with various tools and thus up-cycled. To make it easier to move, the stool sits on a metal disc with eight wheels.

I got the inspiration for this surprising piece of furniture from the Chiquita stool by Kenneth Cobonque, which appeared in February in a pop-up store in Lucerne and then disappeared again. My fascination from this surprising illusion led me to recreate the concept in my own version.



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